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Top Load vs. Front Load Washers: Pros & Cons

Considering buying a new wash machine? But cannot decide between Front Load and Top Load? Top load washers have been more prevalent in the United States, but in the early 2000’s front load washing machines have been taking the market by storm.

As the washing machine technology continues to improve and companies modernize production, the prices for front loading washers have come closer to the high end top loading options. The number of consumers have found that the extra investment is worth the benefits that the front load washers provide. Even so, the price gap continues to shrink every year.

Look at some of the pros and cons of the two types below…

Benefits of Front Loading Washing Machines:

  • Cleans Clothes Better & Damages Clothes Less: Provides less wear and tear on clothing due to the lack of the central agitator present in most top load washers.

  • Run Fewer Cycles: Allows you to fit more clothing into the compartment

  • Water and Energy Efficient: They can use up to 1/3 the amount of water, energy, and detergent compared to top loaders

  • Fun Fact: The average top load washer uses 30-40 gallons of water per wash while front load washers use half that amount or less.

  • Reliable: Require fewer repairs on major parts because they use gravity to toss clothing instead of using the central agitator feature most top loaders have.

  • Less Noise During Spin Cycle: Many Front load washers feature vibration control, a way to stabilize the internal drum so the entire unit doesn’t rattle your floors while in operation. They are specifically designed to function in a closet, on a second floor, and in other sub-optimal locations.

  • Offers additional features such as a steam setting, self-cleaning cycle, as well as reversible washer doors for customized laundry rooms.

Cons of Front Loading Washing Machines:

  • Initial Cost: Front Loaders cost more upfront, but can also save more money over a lifetime of ownership.

  • Cycle time: Depending on the cycle, some front-loading cycles can take more time due to the barrel spins. The clothing only hits the water part of the time, but is the reason why your clothes get cleaner and have less wear and tear.

  • Last Minute Laundry: You cannot add clothes that you forget once the cycle starts. The door on front loaders lock to retain the water.

Benefits of Top Loading Washing Machines:

  • Less Expensive: Low initial price point

  • Ergonomically Friendly: Top load washers allow you to load laundry at waist height, allowing you to save on repetitive joint stress every time you load the machine.

Cons of Top Loading Wash Machines:

  • Fewer Features: Basic units do not get features like the steaming or self-cleaning options.

  • Higher Long Term Costs: Due to the central agitator in most units, replacement parts and repairs are required more regularly.

  • Harsher on Clothes: Due to the central agitator, clothes go through more wear and tear because threads can get caught. Clothes can get tangled around the center agitator more easily causing stretching and other problems. Clothes are submerged in water during most of the cycle causing them to be less clean than clothes in the front-loading competitor

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