• Kylie Ellison

Frameless Shower Doors: Boosting the look & function of Bathrooms

Frameless shower doors display the modern, clean feel that everyone desires. Frameless shower doors can virtually fit into any space. Here are 9 ideas as to why you should consider installing one in your home.

1) Turn toward the light. If you have a shower space that is dark, consider your shower head placement. Placing the shower head in a position where you can see the light will make the space feel more open. Also, opting for a non-frosted finish will insure light travels through the entire space.

2) Divide and conquer. If you have a bathroom layout where the shower separates the space, consider a frameless enclosure to help ensure that the space feels open and airy. Even with vanities on either side, you can still achieve an open space.

3) Contrast modern and rustic. If you are renovating an older home, or just enjoy the rustic feel, don't shy away from the frameless look. Most rustic style homes have a visually heavy environment, but with the addition of a frameless shower door, you can create an open space that allows all the different elements to shine.

4) Shower off your tilework. With no visual separation, a frameless shower door can make a space seem larger while giving you the opportunity to show off unique tilework that makes your shower one of a kind. Adding a decorative tile accent allows you to show your character and style in a subtle, but classy way.

5) Bring in natural light. A frameless shower door can give your space the illusion of openness allowing natural light to pour into every inch of the space. To allow more natural light into your space, consider adding a skylight above the shower. It will give your home a unique feature than many do not have.

6) Make a small room feel larger. Adding a frameless shower door to an already small space will give you the feeling that you are maximizing your space. It can provide that transparent, almost nonexistent look. Adding large mirrors or windows will help enhance the look of spaciousness as well.

7) Maximize your view. Adding a frameless shower door can maximize the overall viewing of your bathroom making it appear longer or wider. This a great concept for spaces that have strange layouts.

8) Go for the elegant look. It's very simple, one of the easiest ways to add elegance to your bathroom is adding a frameless shower. Frameless shower doors provide that timeless, sleek, and clean design that everyone loves. Pair the frameless shower door with a marble interior and you will create a design that everyone desires.

9) Infuse a sense of calm. Creating transparency and openness in your bathroom with a frameless shower door will give your space a spa-like essence. Step into your shower and feel relaxed after a long day of work and activities.

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