• Kylie Ellison

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Oven

It's already mid august, grill season will be over soon. It'll be time to use your oven all the time. Whether you're using it to create savory treats or just to heat that frozen pizza that everyone loves, make sure sure your oven is clean and well maintained with these helpful tips.

1. Clean you oven regularly. You should make the effort to clean your oven twice a year. If you're using your oven almost everyday, it will need to be cleaned more often.

2. Safely use your oven's self-cleaning feature. The self-cleaning option should be safe to use, as long as you're following the manufacturer's guidelines. You'll want to stay at home during the process. After the self-cleaning cycle, let the oven cool for at least 6 hours before wiping it down.

3. Don't clean under oven knobs. While it is tempting to pull them off and apply cleaner all around the area, you are actually dousing an electrical system. This could cause it to short or electrocute you.

4. If you are purchasing a new gas oven you should replace the gas line. Moving and swapping ovens creates a lot of movement and vibration that could cause leaks in the gas line. It is a small expense, but provides a major increase in safety.

5. Unplug oven when cleaning with water. Unplugging your unit while cleaning the inside with water can eliminate an risk of electrocution. A process that works very effectively is spraying the unit down with a baking soda and water mixture. When it turns to a light film, wipe the oven down with dish soap to cut through the grease. Finally, go over everything with a vinegar and water solution, this will make the unit shine while also killing germs.

6. Inspect your ovens burners. Inspecting coil burners for deformities and replacing damaged ones will keep your unit running smoothly. A small spot on the coil that is redder than the rest when cooking means it is about to short out. This could cause tremendous damage to the burners and oven. Do not use that burner and replace it immediately.

7. Clean a spill barrier. If you make spill in your oven, clean it as soon as possible. The longer the messes sit, the more they'll burn.

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