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6 Reasons Why you Should Consider a Wood Stove for your Home

Having efficient warmth in your home can add monetary value instantly while also adding a great focal point to entertain friends and family. Take a look at these 6 reasons on why a wood burning stove might be the right fit for you.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a sustainable resource. Of all the energy sources you can use to heat your home, wood-burning appliances are the only ones which leave no carbon footprint. Modern wood stoves and fireplace inserts are highly efficient. Models are available which distribute heat through existing duct work in the home. Some wood burning appliances qualify as smokeless heat sources because of their low emissions.

2. Lower Energy Costs

Fireplaces have being growing in popularity as electricity costs get higher. It is less expensive to warm your home using an efficient wood burning stove or fireplace insert than it is to fully rely on power companies which utilize fossil fuels.

3. Provide Warmth During Blackouts

Since electric grids can be knocked out by powerful winter storms, people with no fireplace often have to leave their homes to seek shelter until power is restored. But, homeowners with fireplaces are able to stay warm and wait at home while the utility companies work to get the lights back on.

4. Cooking

Another problem when the lights go out is food preparation. With an open hearth fireplace, you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks. Some fireplaces are big enough that a large kettle can be used over the fire for cooking. If you have a wood stove, you can cook just about anything you would cook on a regular stove. No need to wait until there’s a blackout, anytime you are using your wood stove you can keep coffee and meals warm, in addition to cooking entire meals. The less energy you use from the utility company for cooking, the more money you save.

5. Energy Independence

Many people are finding ways to move away from total dependence upon utility companies. Solar energy is being used more and more, and using a fireplace is another way that you can take control of your fuel supply. You can choose from several means to acquire firewood, and it may even be free if you have property with plenty of trees.

6. Cozy Warmth

No doubt the number one reason that fireplaces are beloved features in a home is that they provide cozy warmth and a cheery place to escape the cold. Gathering around a fire with friends and family is an undeniable pleasure, as is reading a book by the fire with the family dog curled up on the rug nearby. A fireplace is a classic American scene at Christmastime, where stockings are hung from the chimney with care.

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