• Kylie Ellison

Why your Gas Fireplace Needs an Annual Inspection

Gas Fireplaces need an annual inspections in order to keep working in good condition. This is a very important practice that almost everyone overlooks. Gas Fireplaces burn clean and are very low maintenance causing most to think it does not need cleaning. While they are extremely low maintenance and efficient, it is a known fact that ANY appliance can become a nuisance if neglected. This is why an annual inspection is crucial in order for it to keep working with ease when you start your burning season.

Debris and Junk

Debris usually forms around the vents, in the fuel, and inside the chimney. This needs to be removed to prevent airflow restriction and potential bad smells. Gas Fireplace debris includes:

1) Deteriorating Logs - Ceramic and faux log inserts can eventually deteriorate with use and will cling to the sides of the insert.

2) Dirty Glass Doors and Frames - Chipped or scratched glass can become a hazard over time. It can meddle with the heat output of your fireplace. If this happens, you will need to get it cleaned or maybe even replaced.

3) Residue - The inside and outside of a gas fireplace needs to be cleaned once in a while. It is very important to follow the manufacturers instructions and use approved cleaning products when doing this.

What happens during an inspection?

During an inspection, the technician will first look at the exterior of the fireplace. They will check for chips, cracked, or dirty framework to make sure it is holding up efficiently. While they are checking for dents and debris, the technician will also look at the interior gas ignition under the log structures to make sure it is lighting flawlessly. They will also make sure the log set is not deteriorating in any way. Often times, the face will be taken of so they can inspect the valves and connections underneath you fireplace or insert. They will make sure your fireplaces heat output is correct. They will also clean up any residue that has started to block any ports or vents.

Just Flow With It

Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to enjoying a roaring fire in your living space. By having your annual inspection, you can ensure that your beautiful fireplace is running at peak efficiency for whenever you need that glowing comfort or extra heat.

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