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NEW: Dynamic Heat Control, Innovation in Fireplace Heat Management

Heat your home easier with Napoleon's NEW Dynamic Heat Control System. This system allows you, a homeowner, to design and build your home while integrating your dream fireplace into the decor with zero clearances to combustible materials. It safely expels heat into the areas of your home that you wish. This drastically reduces the temperature above the fireplace and distributes it safely. It also allows for safe installation of tv's and art directly above your fireplace. The installation possibilities are endless!

How does it work?

The system allows heat to effectively circulate within the space it was created for while relying on optimized airflow through the appliance and the structure holding the fireplace. When your unit is turned on, the DHC system draws room air into the air inlet that is located at the bottom of the glass. As the heat created by the fireplace rises, it is drawn through micro chimneys that pulls more cool air into the fireplace. The hot, rising air is them pulled into an air passage that distributes the heat through the DHC system outlet. This outlet can be located at the top of the fireplace enclosure and allow the hot air to circulate into the room for a comfortable, consistent temperature. This system also allows for heat to be redirected or vented into adjacent room sin the home as well.

Please see the 4 different installation types below. Click on the picture for more information on each style.

But WAIT, their is more!!

Napoleon's Dynamic Heat Control Plus System allows heat from the fireplace to be directed to any living area in the home that needs it, even in the event of a power failure! This is perfect for those sketchy winter months. There is also an option for the heat to be exhausted outdoors if it is not needed.

What does this new system mean for you?

It reduces the temperature above the fireplace making it safe for installation or art and other decor. This is not an available option with a lot of other units on the market. The reduction of heat also allows for increased comfort from the even heat distribution. Heat from the fireplace is moved into the room instead of retained in the fireplace enclosure.

This new system comes standard in Napoleon's new Luxuria series, and and is an option in the new Vector series. Come into C. Bennett and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales people on how this will be a great addition to your home!

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