• Kylie Ellison

Vent-Free Gas Logs: Ceramic Fiber vs. Concrete

Gas logs come in two different styles, Vented and Vent-Free. Vent-Free gas logs are an increasingly popular style due to the amount of heat they provide as well as their heat efficiency. This efficiency leads to less pollution and fuel usage.

Vent-Free gas logs can be used in a regular fireplace or can be used in a prefabricated vent-free firebox that has no chimney. While the logs will provide a larger abundance of heat, the flame has tendency to be lower compared to the their vented counterpart. This is because they are only pulling air from within the home compared to the vented style pulling from outside the home.

Vent-free gas logs can be made out of two different types of material; ceramic fiber and concrete.

Ceramic fiber logs are known for their extremely realistic look; meaning their burn, glow, and heat resemble real logs burning. They are not as durable as the concrete counterpart and have a tendency to break more easy during production.

Concrete refractory logs are known for their intricate detail and durability. Compared to their ceramic fiber counter part, they are more durable during production. Examples of concrete refractory logs that are available.

C. Bennett offers a wide range of different log styles. For questions please call 636-379-9886.

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