• Kylie Ellison

Laundry Organization Tips to Make Life Easier


We dread it and loath it.

We procrastinate doing it until, suddenly, we have no clothes to wear. Stop delaying your laundry! These 9 hacks will take some of the pain away and you wont believe how easy it is.

1. Sort your clothes as you are undressing - If you have the space, designate labeled laundry baskets for each type of clothing or color.

2. Use mesh bags and never lose underwear or sock again - Give every family member their own bag and have them put their individual undergarments and socks in their bag. Throw the bags in the laundry and when its time to sort, give them their bag back to sort.

3. Install an adjustable system - freedomRail is the perfect system for you laundry room. It's totally adjustable, meaning you can move the components whenever and wherever to fit your storage needs.

4. Pin your socks together - Never look for your socks again. Simply pin pairs of socks together with a clothes pin and you'll never lose another.

5. Put a piggy bank in your laundry room - Easily collect loose change and start a rainy day fund.

6. Use a freedomRail over the door system - Store laundry supplies like detergent, bleach and softener in a convenient location. You'll have easier access to items than if they're stuffed in a cabinet and you'll be able to see everything you have or need.

7. hang clothes immediately after drying - This will reduce the amount of wrinkles.

8. Hang clothes in the bathroom during a hot shower - The steam from the shower will help loosen some wrinkles.

9. Label - Label laundry baskets and kid's clothing tags to make sorting easier after it's gone through the wash.

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