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Outdoor Spring Maintenance Guide

Spring is finally here! It's time to start checking off things n your spring cleaning list. For you to enjoy your outdoor entertaining area, spring maintenance is a must. Whether you have a gas fire pit table, pergola, outdoor furniture, or outdoor kitchen island, check these things off your list to enjoy your outdoor space!

Gas Fire Pit Tables Maintenance: We all love gas fire pit tables, they are the centerpiece to every outdoor space and provide your family with a warm place to hangout together. The glowing fire is a place that provides everyone with comfort and relaxation. Make sure yours is ready with these helpful hints..

- Clean all loose debris form glass beads and burner

- Clean all port holes in the burner, making sure there are no obstructions, i.e. twigs or cobwebs

- Check all fittings and make sure they are re-tightened

- Check all gas lines for any obstructions, i.e. spider cobwebs

- Make sure any rubber gas line shave not cracked or been chewed by animals

- Check and replace batteries if needed

- Make sure valve turns freely

- Remove any loose debris from base of the gas fire pit table

- Confirm gas tank has fuel or if using natural gas, the main line is turned on

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance: Of course every backyard needs furniture! It is the most comfortable and useful element to every outdoor living space. Friends and family cannot wait to relax on comfy furniture in the upcoming warm weather. Check out these tips on how to have it ready to go.

- Brush off any loose dirt from frame & outdoor furniture cushions

- Prepare a cleaning solution of 1/4 cup mild soap per gallon of warm water (for spot cleaning of cushions, put into spray bottle)

- Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean frame & outdoor furniture cushions

- Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric

- Rinse thoroughly & let furniture air dry

Pergola Maintenance: A pergola can define the foundation of an outdoor room and serves as the central point for gathering during events or everyday activities. Check these off your cleaning list..

- Clear all loose debris from pergola and surrounding area

- Clean with water (use low pressure power washer if necessary)

- Wood pergolas may need to be re-stained or resealed every 1-3 years depending on climate

Outdoor Kitchen Island Maintenance: An outdoor kitchen island is a great way to spend time outdoors with family and friends in a space completely designed to fit your lifestyle. Prepare your outdoor kitchen for the season with these tips and tricks.

- Clean all loose debris from in and around outdoor kitchen island

- If there is a fire pit burner built-in, follow Gas Fire Pit Maintenance in directions above

- If refrigerator or other accessories were removed for winter, clean and place back into island

- If grill is installed, clean as usual and make sure it is working properly

- Check all fittings and make sure they are re-tightened

- Make sure any gas or electrical lines have not been damaged

- Clean with water and mild soap cleaning solution

Special thanks to The Outdoor Greatroom Company for supplying easy to clean, customizable products that fit perfectly in your outdoor entertaining adventures.

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