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What is the Best Appliance Finish for Your Kitchen?

Thinking of updating your kitchen or appliances? Do you not know what style of finish is best for you? With the many different prominent finishes available today, it could be hard to choose. let's take a look at each one to help you find your best fit!

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel kitchens are a classic choice and they match everything. But, are they on their way out? Stainless Steel has been a fan favorite for years since replacing white as the most common appliance color. It gives you that modern look and matches almost every cabinet color and style. One of the biggest cons for this style though, is the constant appearance of smudges, prints and smears that seem to magically manifest on every inch of the appliance's surface. With new technology, some stainless steel has become finger-print resistant which can fix that issue, but are hard to come by and more expensive.


Slate is a low-reflecting medium gray color with beige undertones. This color combination creates a neutral shade of grey that's very warm and versatile. It is perfect for both modern and rustic kitchens, as well as not being a finger print magnet like other colors. It matches a variety of cabinetry color options and serves as an anchor for earthy tones in any design. It is a great choice if you want to darken you kitchen's atmosphere a bit, but not too much.

Black Stainless

Black stainless steel is edgy and eye-catching, but it won't blend into a light colored kitchen very well. It works best with darker wood shades and cabinetry. But, a white kitchen with black stainless steel appliances is not impossible. In order to make it work, you just need the right accessories to tie in the colors together. For example, a dark island base with a white counter top as the centerpiece of the kitchen would work perfectly to create some design unity throughout the space. If you are desiring a modern, industrial kitchen, this a a great product to get. It provides a great opportunity for contrast with light colored walls.


White appliances are great for those who want to design an all-white kitchen. They blend in perfectly and create a space with tons of light. They also allow for finger prints and smudges to not be as noticeable. But, the downside to this finish is you are limited in the colors you can choose from for the rest of your kitchen design. The old-style white can look outdated in most kitchen settings, but in more contemporary, modern styles, white will look great.


Like stainless steel, black adds a modern feel to kitchen spaces but still allows for the rustic style. However, it looks a bit less industrial and works better with natural materials like wood cabinets than stainless steel. Black appliances modernize a space with industrializing it or keep the rustic design you desire. It is also very easy to match small kitchen appliances like coffee makers that frequently sit on top of the counter. Black appliances makes it simple to coordinate your space, but can often make your kitchen too dark looking. Despite hiding fingerprints well, black does show spills and dirt easily.

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