• Kylie Ellison

Appliance Consideration: Knob Controls Versus Touch Controls

Do you prefer touch sensitive controls or knob controls on your appliances? Many kitchen appliances come equipped with either or.

Touch sensitive controls are sleek and fit perfectly with a modern kitchen decor. They also make cleaning very easy. A simple wipe is all it takes to eliminate fingerprints and other stains. But, sometimes it is hard to imagine that touch screen control pads will be reliable and durable for years to come. Today's touch sensitive control pads have evolved into well-made components that make for great appliances.

Despite the growing popularity of sleek, modern kitchen looks, knobs are still extremely common. Knobs are just as reliable and durable as touch sensitive control pads. They do require a bit more cleaning effort because dirt can sometimes become lodged behind the knob. But the thing that people love most about this style is the feel. Some people appreciate being able to have something to grab onto and turn, as well as the "click" sound that some do make.

These are things to test out and consider before you make your final purchase of an appliance.

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