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Accessorize Your Outdoor Room in Style

You've completed your outdoor area with furniture, a fire pit table, kitchen and pergola, you think you are set. But do you still feel like you're missing something? Just like your indoor space, you must accessorize your outdoor space as well. Decorations are key to help bring a space together. Check out some of these great ideas for adding the finishing touches to your outdoor room.

String Lights

Adding additional fun lighting outside not only allows you to set a certain ambiance, but also allows you to enjoy a space longer. It creates a cozy and soft atmosphere that is the perfect setting for great memories. Hanging up string lights that twinkle under your pergola or crisscross them over your patio/yard will instantly illuminate all of your outdoor areas and tie them together to make one unified space. It creates a focal point for guests to look at and train their eyes to look a certain direction. Plug-in and solar versions are available in a range of different sizes. They can completely makeover your yard or patio in a matter of minutes to make it a place everyone will want to stay.

Outdoor Pillows

Adding color to a variety of places allows for your space to really pop. Add them to your couches, bench, chairs, or love seats to complete your backyard. Get different colors for different seasons and holidays to create the mood of the season. You can choose your outdoor pillows the same way you pick out the ones for your interior rooms. Pillows and fabrics add new colors and life into a space to turn it from dull to vibrant very easily. Get even more funky by mixing colors and patterns to truly make your space one of a kind. Adding simple accessories like these do not take much time and can make your outdoor area feel even more cozy than it already is. Plus on the colder nights, they are great to help you keep warm with the addition of a blanket.

Outdoor Rugs

Another way to make your outdoor feel homey just like your indoor spaces is the addition of an outdoor rug. Put them on your porch, patio, and even your lawn. With endless colors, textures and patterns to choose from, you can find one that fits your space exactly. Great for little kids to sit down on and play with toys as well as keeping your feet off the hot or cold pavement, you get endless uses out of them besides just aesthetic features. You can keep it simple, go bold, or keep it neutral to help compliment your existing furnishings. The outdoor rugs are built to last because they are fabricated to endure moisture, sunlight and even the tougher weather elements. They do not just have the ability to tie your outdoor room together.


Hanging, sitting, or standing, lanterns are another way to add to your outdoor area. Get creative products or go completely DIY ideas such as a glass jar with lights, or a wired cage with light bulbs. Even operate LED candles that have no fire hazard! Accessorizing you outdoor space with lanterns can provide your space with no unwanted dark areas while also complimenting your backyard theme.

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