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Miele Range: Top Pick of 2018

Miele has built an impressive name for themselves of the last several years by producing a wide range of high-end cooking and cleaning products. If you are considering a new luxury range, the three most important attributes to look for are build quality, cooking performance, and design. Miele has managed to obtain top ranks in each of these categories.

Build Quality

Miele has been associated with quality and rightly so. They are a family owned and debt-free company and are able to guarantee a level of quality control that is unparalleled in the appliance market. Due to them being a non public company that's not held to certain profit margins to please their stakeholders, this allows them to invest heavily in their own processes. Besides just manufacturing their appliances, they also manufacture the equipment that builds them and the majority of their components. To be even more impressive, they even own their own foundry for harvesting the materials that go into their ranges.

This level of investment in quality, creates no surprise that Miele Ranges are dependable and long-lasting from knob to burner. An example of their attention to detail that goes into Miele Ranges is that they create their knobs out of high-quality zinc. Because of the way zinc reacts with ink it allows for the ink to stay bonded to knobs for a longer period of time without wearing off. This is a minor detail of the range, but no less impressive in their attention to detail.

Cooking Performance & Control

- Power & Speed

All the quality parts in the world don't add up to much if a range can't cook effectively. Miele ranges, fortunately, are not only built to last but also built to cook at a very high level for their entire lifespan. With boiling times that are 50% faster than the competition due to their burners being capable of reaching up to 19,500 BTU's.

- Even Heat

With additional cooking features like Euro-styled convection that provides heat across the entire oven and even a infra-red broiler that provides zero hot-spots throughout the surface of your food.

- Griddle Performance

The stovetop's infrared ceramic burner heats the griddle allowing for even heat across the stainless cooking surface. Miele's competitors have hot spots and trouble heating the entire area of the griddle surface evenly if at all.

- Industry's Only Wireless Probe

Miele even provides precision cooking because of their wireless temperature probe that doesn't require recharging. That means no more accidentally pulling out the probe while cooking thanksgiving dinner for guests as well as precise cooking temps every time.

- MasterChef Recipes

Along with their precision cooking, no other brand offers more customization and high-end control in kitchen ranges. MasterChef is Miele's built-in cooking assistant that have 19 unique operating modes allowing for hundreds of pre-programmed built in recipes.

- Program Stacking

Compared to any other range, Miele allows you to stack programs. Meaning, this allows you to automatically set a schedule of events for your oven to preform. Specifically great for when you have complicated cooking tasks like cooking a tenderloin at 450 for 15 minutes and then at 350 for the remaining time. This whole process will happen automatically without you having to worry about it.

- Bread Perfection

Another feature in their masterchef capabilities are the 15 unique bread recipes available. This along with optimal moisture to insert steam precisely at the right time helps you cook bread to the best of your ability.

- Built-in Catalyzer

Available in their dual fuel ranges, Miele offers a catalyzer function that removes grease and odors from the vapors that result from cooking. This feature is customized for each dish, like fish, to decrease the smell throughout the home. This is a feature exclusively available with Miele ranges.

Cleaning & Design

For frequent bakers and chefs, cleaning is a critical part of the process. This can quickly become a nuisance with poorly design ranges. Miele, compared to others, have designed ranges with the aspect of cleaning in mind. All grates are dishwasher safe, while some Miele dishwashers offer special programs design specifically for grates and racks. The entire range top features a completely sealed surface, meaning, there are no areas for grease to hide and build up over time. It also features high side so liquids are never in danger of spilling over the edge.

Their stainless steel design offers fingerprint resistance that caries over through all of their product lines.

Miele is also the only brand that allows you to leave the racks inside while in self-cleaning mode. This is extremely important because of how heavy racks can be and how difficult they are to maneuver. Dual fuel ranges are as functional as they are powerful. M-Touch screens that have iphone like surfaces make it easy for you to control the appliance.

All range doors pen and close softly with the assistance of their uniquely design damper system. The swivel handle adds another level of comfort during use.

Last but not least, stainless steel knows feature precision control whether you are in simmer mode or high power, and every spot in-between. The knobs are even have LED backlight for easy viewing.

To sum it up.....

As you can see, Miele Ranges are truly one of a kind and are made to last. If all of these details are not enough, come into C Bennett and speak with out Appliance Specialist, Jerry Crancer, to learn even more. Our spectacular showroom is located at 1700 West Terra Lane in O'Fallon, MO.

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