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Which Refrigerator Style is Right for You?

Your refrigerator is the largest appliance in your home and is the most used. The refrigerator stands tall in both form and function. It is always the first appliance noticed when you walk into any kitchen. It's easy to look at all the beautiful options and decide right then and there what the perfect one is for your home just based on style. Not only can a refrigerator can make or break the look of your home, the style can destroy the functionality of kitchen too. The look of a large built-in refrigerator can be everything you desire, but it may not be the best option for your family. The price tag of a basic option may be intriguing, but it might clash with the rest of your professional appliances.

When shopping for a refrigerator, it is imperative that you choose one that fits both your personal style and your lifestyle. Let's take a look at the different styles below.

Standard Depth Refrigerators

Also known as your common free-standing refrigerator, these traditional units are the most common. Sitting between 30-34 inches in depth, these large sizes offer roomy interiors that are ideal for large families. They are also more affordable than the others with all the latest features and optional gadgets. Standard depth units are easy to install and rarely require professional help saving you money on labor. They are also great options if you plan on moving to a new home eventually.

Counter Depth Refrigerators

This style of refrigerator is made to sit flush with your kitchen cabinets. They are approximately 25-30 inches in depth allowing them to blend into the facing of your cabinetry. These units are considered more fashionable than the standard style because they give your kitchen a more uniform look. Usually they are a bit more expensive than the standard depths, but still affordable compared to the built-in style. These units allow you to receive the built-in look without the built in price. One downfall to these units is the smaller depth also means lower storing capacity, so be sure to look around to find one that fits into your families and lifestyle needs.

Built-In Column Refrigerators

An essential for any and all luxury kitchens are the built-in column styles. They are around the same depth as the counter-depth versions but are often viewed as a completely custom option with a tailor made look. These units are usually much taller than the other styles, making up for the lost space of the shallow depth. Even with the increased height, they still provide less space when compared to the standard depth units. Built-in and Column styles sit perfectly flush with surrounding cabinets for a flawless and seamless design. To add even more of an aesthetic feature, they can be integrated with a panel door that matches your cabinets to completely camouflage the unit. Additionally, some built-in refrigerators come in wider sizes than freestanding options do, allowing for up to 48 inches in width for a higher capacity.

Which refrigerator should you choose? Stop into C. Bennett and let us help you choose the prefect fit for your decor, lifestyle and family!

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