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Gas Fireplaces - How often do they need servicing?

Gas fireplaces have changed the game in convenience. Who doesn't want a warm fire at the touch of a button? With this convenience and luxury also comes responsibility. Just like an car, fireplaces need to be serviced as well.

There are two reasons why you need your gas fireplace serviced, and they are both IMPORTANT. First, a regular service on your fireplace will ensure that your gas fireplace will stay in great working order for longer, extending the life of your unit for years to come. Investing in a gas fireplace, just like a car, is a commitment. Servicing your fireplace will protect your investment. The second reason is even more important. Regular servicing is critical when it comes to the safety of the fireplace, and more importantly, your family. Gas fireplaces do produce carbon monoxide as a by-product of generating heat. Carbon monoxide can't be seen or smelled and can cause severe health issues. So, making sure your gas fireplace isn't leaking and is drafting the gas away correctly is very important!

Now, how often should you have this done? We recommend servicing your fireplace every year as there are many factors that go into the unit changing throughout the seasons. Checking for gas leaks is one thing, but there are a lot of ordinary things that can happen as well - a bird making a nest in your flue and closing it off or a spider sinning a web inside your pilot light.

You may be curious as to how your fireplace gets serviced. First, we recommend that the process should be carried out by someone that is a trained professional. Each unit is different due to the many different manufacturers, so make sure you find one that is trained on your particular fireplace. First, your technician will take the unit apart and start cleaning it thoroughly. They will clean the interior components like logs and glass media to make sure they look fresh for your upcoming burn season. Next, they will run a series of tests to make sure everything is operating properly. They will check the gas pressure of the unit and then clean the glass and reassemble the unit. Due to the many different models and styles of fireplaces available, tests and processes will vary to some degree.

There are a few regular maintenance tasks that you as a home owner can carry out on your own, but they are very simple tasks. Besides changing the batteries in your remote or re-lighting your pilot light, there really is nothing to do. Isn't that great!

C. Bennett's service department is full of trained professionals that are ready to service your fireplace and get it ready for this winter season! Please keep in mind that during the fall and winter seasons our service team is very busy trying to fit everyone in. We appreciate your patience when scheduling your appointment.

Please call 636.379.9886 and ask to schedule your service appointment today!

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