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Refresh your Fireplace Mantel in these 9 Easy Steps

The fireplace is usually the main focal point in any room. Is your mantel just not at the level you think it should be? Use these helpful tips to create a gorgeous display that suits your style and will make everyone turn and look.

The hearth is often viewed as the center of the home where everyone gathers around. This makes it a great place for displaying a story about your family and loved ones. It is the perfect place for you to showcase your favorite things and show off your personal style. Here are some simple and cost efficient ways to give your mantel a fresh start,


Consider a fresh coat of paint. The boldness of a high gloss color can make it stand out compared to what it use to. Get a little funky by switching it to vibrant color.


Maybe the only change you need to make is the way your fireplace is lit. Let your style of light fixture do the talking. Make it interesting by going outside the box with unique sconces or pendants that pairs with the rest of your decor.

Location Specific

Using specific accessories to make a statement about your home can really transform your room. Add rustic accessories to a rustic style mantel to create the idea you are somewhere totally different, like in the Mountains or on the Pacific Ocean.

Collections or Heirlooms

Do you have some family heirlooms that you have boxed up or sitting in a drawer? Get them out so everyone can enjoy the history of your family. Maybe you have an interesting collection that would make a great accessory for your mantel.

Keep things Fresh

A mantel can be your area to display fresh flowers rather than a table. Keep changing it every week to give you something new to look at.

Keep it Small

A minimalist statement can be exactly what you are looking for. Try grouping a cluster of objects on one side of the mantel. This helps create a modern vibe that you can carry throughout your home.


Repeat rounds. A circular shape is nice to compliment the squareness of a mantel and many other shapes throughout the home.


Find a piece of art the speaks to you. Display it on your fireplace so it is front and center all the time.


Make one side look exactly like the other. Hang or sit an object directly in the center with nothing placed on either side. This will create uniform and provide you with a unique look that many others will not dare to try.

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