Do you have a project you would like us to scope?  

We scope the following projects:

- fireplaces

- gas logs 

- shower doors enclosures

- closet shelving


How much is a job scope?

C. Bennett charges a $50 scope fee.  This covers the time and travel of our salespeople and techs.  


What if I decide not to go with C. Bennett?

The $50 cannot be refunded.  It will cover the time and travel of the scope.

What if I decide I want to go forward with C. Bennett?

The $50 will go towards the total price of the project. 

What if I don't want to pay the job scope?

You can give our salespeople general measurements over the phone.  Based on general measurements over the phone, our salespeople can give you a basic quote.  After that, if you approve the quote, the will come out and measure for an exact fit.  

When can a salesperson come and scope?

Our salespeople's time availability depends on demand.